Tuesday, March 21st, 2023

No Rain. Starting this post, I was about to begin with saying the “signs of global warming…” but I stopped and realized the appropriate word is “results” of global warming. As Michio Kushi mentioned in his lecture that I attended a few years back, deserts will continue to expand due to global warming. And that […]

OK. I’ll try to make this quick. This morning, something dawned on me while I was thinking about Monsanto’s genetically modified “Terminator” seeds. If you don’t know, “Terminator” seeds are GM seeds that only produce once. Meaning, the seeds from the crops cannot be taken and planted to produce more crops. Instead, more seeds have […]

Here is a tasty way to prepare zucchini. Personally, I find the vegetable kind of bland, so I wanted to make it more flavorful AND use up some produce that was sitting around (i.e. tomato and leftover red onion in the fridge). The only time consuming part is chopping. After that, you throw the ingredients […]

I was flipping through a “health” magazine today just to check it out. I put health in quotes because even though it appeared to be about health, I found much of its contents misleading, wrong, and not so healthy. The Picture Shows One Thing, The Words Say Another. I will use just one article as […]

Here are some natural preventative methods to help boost your immunity against the flu, without the risks of getting a vaccine. 1.) Get out in the sunshine. The body synthesizes vitamin D when direct sunlight hits the skin (it doesn’t work through glass). Having optimal vitamin D levels affects the body’s immune system. You only […]

“Huh?” You may ask, “what does that mean? It sounds like a contradiction.” Simply put, if you are going to eat something that is deemed “bad” for you (I’ll leave you to decide who is doing the deeming), at least make sure you are eating real, high quality ingredients, free of anything artificial. If possible, […]

In my previous post about purchasing organic produce at an affordable price, I briefly suggested some sources. Well, here is a list of sources with a descriptive blurb. I also posted a link to a website where you can search for local produce in your area. I hope you find it helpful. Sources for Organic […]

“You Paid $21 for Only Three Pieces of Produce?!” I normally do the grocery shopping when it comes to produce. But the other day, my other half did the honors. And I was very thankful that he did. He brought home some really nice fruit and vegetables. However, some of his choices caught my eye, […]