Could GM “Terminator” Seeds Ultimately Cause Hunger, Death, and the End of Life Altogether?

OK. I’ll try to make this quick. This morning, something dawned on me while I was thinking about Monsanto’s genetically modified “Terminator” seeds. If you don’t know, “Terminator” seeds are GM seeds that only produce once. Meaning, the seeds from the crops cannot be taken and planted to produce more crops. Instead, more seeds have to be purchased and planted. They are patented by the Monsanto Corporation (On a side note, Monsanto is the producer of Agent Orange, Round-Up and aspartame, to name a few damaging chemicals.).

Here is a list of what bothers me, or more so, SCARES me about Monsanto and/or GMO’s:

  • the health risk factors of GM food (infertility, low birth weights, under developed brain, liver and kidneys)
  • the unintentional cross pollination of GM with non-GM crops
  • the spreading of, and contamination by, GM pollen (GM pollen has even been found in Antarctica!)
  • the allowing of a patent to be granted for a living organism
  • the lawsuits against farmers who are unintentionally “infringing” on these patents because of GM pollen blowing over into their crops
  • the contamination of organic crops from GM pollen
  • the possibility of “killing” off our food supply because terminator seeds will not produce crops that will reproduce
  • the eventual end of the human race and other life because of food shortage due to infertile seeds (maybe that’s why GM food has been linked to infertility?) This makes me think of Easter Island and how its people met their demise from starvation due to their negligent ways of living…

And in case you didn’t know, the new Senior Advisor to our FDA is a former Monsanto VP! How safe do you feel about your food NOW?

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