Global Warming: Deserts Expand. Drought Brings Death. (video)

No Rain.

Starting this post, I was about to begin with saying the “signs of global warming…” but I stopped and realized the appropriate word is “results” of global warming. As Michio Kushi mentioned in his lecture that I attended a few years back, deserts will continue to expand due to global warming. And that is exactly what is already happening in Africa — Kenya, to be exact. They have not had rain in over a year. River beds are dry. Animals are dying. Crops are dying. People are dying… and the children are the first to go.

Do You Really Know How Bad It Is?

And I wonder as you read this from the comfort of your home, office, commute, or wherever you may be, are you aware of what is going on in the world? Our world? And, no, I’m not pointing fingers. As I can admit that I was unaware of the extent of current “damage” caused by radical climate change, aside from the obvious disasters. Of course you’ve heard about global warming. But maybe you’ve thought of it as a problem of the future, not the present. But it’s happening NOW. I live in California, and my lawn is brown with a few specs of green here and there. We are on water restriction and have been for most of the year. But I feel ridiculous even mentioning my lawn, after what I have seen in the following video.

It’s REAL.

It’s hard to comprehend that some people still don’t even “believe in” global warming… as if it was some imaginary tale. If you happen to know people like this, please forward this video to them. I don’t want to be a “downer,” but if we all keep our heads stuck in the sand on this issue, one day they really will be.

Please Watch This Video.

Global Warming: Deserts Expand. Drought Brings Death.

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