Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

The Blog

I just want you to know…

The purpose of this blog is to bring about awareness, spark interest, and educate people about food, nutrition, health, and the environment, in an easily digestible (pun intended), down-to-earth, practical way. From easy whole food recipes, to tips on buying food, prevention of illness, and news about our environment or what’s happening politically with our food and water (who ever thought it would be political?) I want to share information that is helpful and important to us as human beings, along with my own experiences and trials. The bottom line is we all need clean water and nutritious food in order to survive. As Sting once sang, “we share the same biology, regardless of ideology.” And, unfortunately, most people don’t realize that most of the food and water they are consuming is not clean and/or nutritious. Hopefully, we (you and me) can change that.

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