Tuesday, June 6th, 2023

Since I now have a child, I think I am turning into the “food police” (not that I wasn’t already).  Because I am “in the know” of what is in our food and water supply, I am very vigilant on taking steps to reduce my child’s exposure to toxins. One of those steps is feeding […]

Here is a tasty way to prepare zucchini. Personally, I find the vegetable kind of bland, so I wanted to make it more flavorful AND use up some produce that was sitting around (i.e. tomato and leftover red onion in the fridge). The only time consuming part is chopping. After that, you throw the ingredients […]

I find it interesting when I hear adults spout off with great conviction that they don’t like certain foods. Only to find out, they haven’t eaten that particular food since their childhood. Or, maybe they have only had it prepared one way, and ONLY that way. Honestly, since I am such a foodie that is […]

I surprised myself when I threw this quick, healthy, delicious lunch together using a veggie burger and stuff I had in my fridge.